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October 2009

Computers - Just about everyone uses a computer each day, but do you really use it?

Most of us only scratch the surface of it's abilities. Within each issue of our newsletters, we will show you how to use some of the programs that you possibly already use daily, with tips to your advantage and just maybe make you smile.

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   Product Tip of the Month

Windows 7


The new version of windows being released October 22, 2009
Why all the hype?     
  Is this another Vista?  
    Why should I bother?

We met recently with the Windows 7 team at Microsoft's Redmond headquarters.  The team left the meeting with ear to ear smiles, why?  Because all of us in the room gave them thumbs up for Windows 7.  Because we are geeks, we get the early release of many new and upcoming products.  Many times we actually participate in beta testing of these products too which gives us a deep insight of how these products start and finish.  This news letter, along with at least the last six were produced on a Windows 7 system.  Why do we like it?  Simple, it works and very well at that.

Sleep mode actually works!  Scary but if you shut down your laptop at the office, travel home and open it again it will be connected to your WIFI access before your able to be typing.  WIFI setup is also extremely much easier to setup on Windows 7.

Is this another VISTA?  Defiantly not.  It is however still built using the same core as Vista is built on, just this time, it was built correctly putting it in simple terms.

Why should I bother?  It's faster than Vista, it has some features that XP can't touch and will defiantly replace XP easier than most think.  For those programs that just won't work for some reason, Microsoft has added a virtual xp to the installation to allow you to just keep working.

Can I upgrade?  Yes and No. 

Vista > Windows 7: Yes with some exceptions
XP > Windows 7: NO

Our recommend been hiding, causing problems.  Think of garbage in / garbage out.  If something has problems, upgrading usually never resolves issues when it comes to operating systems.  Yes even Mac's can have this same problem as we just had one of those situations on our bench.

Here's how Windows 7 simplifies your PC. Take a tour, watch a video, and dig into the feature descriptions. You’ll see why everyday tasks are easier, the PC works the way you want, and you can use it to do new things.

Take a tour of Windows 7Take a tour of Windows 7*
Learn your way around Windows 7 in just a few minutes. See how it makes everyday tasks simpler and faster, gives you more control, and puts your PC at the center of your media world.


Watch videos and see what's new*
Lots of great features and news to be excited about. Take a look at some quick videos and see what’s going on and what’s coming with Windows 7, Internet Explore 8, and Windows Live.


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   Keyboard tip of the month

UnDo Goof-up

This is a repeat but this author has used this so much this past month, so we thought we would share it again.  You just deleted something...made a change or something that as soon as you did it, your mind slapped you and a frown instantly appeared.  At this point, STOP, don't drop and roll though.  Simply press CTRL + Z to "undo" what you just did.  It's that simple.

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