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May 2010
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- Laptops and Traveling

-More Windows 7 Tips

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Windows 7
Keyboard Short Cuts

This keyboard shortcut allows you to instantly bring up the "My Computer" window, gaining access to all of your drive letters. 

Instantly, this shortcut should save you a few clicks!


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 Traveling with your Laptop?

This month, a tip that will hopefully save your laptop!  You just pulled up to the destination of choice and grab your bags from your car or taxi then oops, one bag slips and falls to the ground.  No problem right?  Wrong.  Last night you packed your laptop along with the mouse in the front part of your carrying case. 

You say big deal right?  Well it wasn't until the fall and the mouse coming into contact with the fragile laptop lid but you won't know this until you get to your destination and intend on using your laptop.  Your happy that you made it with no delays, pull your laptop from the case, open it.  Hum, everything looks ok as you remember the earlier drop, wiping the sweat from your forehead.  You fire up the laptop and bam, you see the most terrifying thing of your life and your entire body turns into a cold sweat.

This is exactly what happened to me and I hope that none of you encounter this situation in the future.  By simply repositioning the laptop in my case, I should of been able to slip by this disaster.  Because of airline carryon restrictions, we jam lots of items in our cases.  Next time you travel, take the time to strategically place the items in your case.  In my situation, the power supply and mouse rest in two convenient pouches in the front of the case, right in the same area that the laptop resides. 

Simply turning the laptop around, with the lid (top) facing away from these items would of resulted in a lesser direct impact, saving the fragile LCD display.


One last tip - Place a business card or similar type card with your contact information in each of your luggage bags, including in your carry on cases. 

Remember the old TV commercials with the gorilla's handling the luggage?  Yea, they are still employed.  My poor ID tag was evidently eaten by a hungry one the last trip.

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