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Tips and Tricks on how to do some neat things
with that computer you use everyday.

May 2009

Computers - Just about everyone uses a computer each day, but do you really use it?

Most of us only scratch the surface of it's abilities. Within each issue of our newsletters, we will show you how to use some of the programs that you possibly already use daily, with tips to your advantage and just maybe make you smile.

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   Product Tip of the Month

Vista Gadgets

Microsoft's "Vista" has received a bunch of bad publicity over the past year, some true and some not. It's time for a "Change" and this is the first of many changes to come down the computing pipe.  We won't hover on Vista much in this newsletter as Windows 7 is coming down the pipe too and it looks exciting!  Don't plan on upgrading a machine to Windows 7 unless it has Vista on it now, when your ready to move forward do it with a new machine that has the horsepower and new video built in, you will be much happier!.

So what is all the fuss about?

Gadgets, almost as cool as Inspector Gadget.

Gadgets are little programs that snap into the desktop area.  See the right hand side of this desktop shown.
These can be as simple as a clock
ORComplex as this English to Chinese translator

In the future you will find these gadgets having the ability to tie into your CRM or an application that runs your business.

   Keyboard tip of the month

Calculations on the fly

How often have you worked in QuickBooks and needed to add up numbers? Windows and QuickBooks both have calculators that you can pull up, but you really don't need them.

If you are in an amount field on a check or other transaction, just pressing the number keys followed by a mathematical symbol (+, -, /, *) you will pull up the calculator. You can continue to enter numbers and math functions until you are done.

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