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March 2010
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-Misleading Virus Packages

-New Fort Wayne Phone Number

-Windows 7 tip of the Month

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 Tip of the month - Fake Anti-Virus Packages

One of the most common Internet virus related calls we get is with programs like this.  WinAntivirus(pick a year).  We really wish these people would go away but evidently they are bored and want to make other peoples lives miserable.  How do you keep from getting something like this?  Be careful what you click.  If your unsure, then don't.  Business computers, including most home users, usually have Anti-Virus installed and running.  Know the name of your AV package.  This can help you a bunch.  We have collected a bunch of screen shots of FAKE systems.  NEVER if possible click on anything but the X in the right hand corner.

So when in doubt, don't click on "Activate Now" or "OK"
as if you do, low the virus to infect your machine.

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Windows 7 Tips

Stay One Click Away From the Programs You Use Most

Hover your mouse cursor over the favorite program and drag to the task bar, or

Right click on it and choose "pin to taskbar".

Each month, we bring you a favorite Windows 7 tip.  Our selections come from Microsoft article and from our Help Desk team members.

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