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March 2009

Computers - Just about everyone uses a computer each day, but do you really use it?

Most of us only scratch the surface of it's abilities. Within each issue of our newsletters, we will show you how to use some of the programs that you possibly already use daily, with tips to your advantage and just maybe make you smile.

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   Product Tip of the Month

Handling Contacts in Outlook

We all use email and lots of it, but as the saying goes "Do you know where your contacts are"?

When sending emails most of us just start typing a name, the auto fill feature brings a list of names, we select the one we want and we go forward using this selection.  Great right?  Well not totally.  This method is friendly and fast but this is using what is called "Cached" information.  Cached meaning temporary.  Note the temporary part here!

If you use your computer from more than one location, you probably have already
noticed this as all those contacts aren't showing up.  This would include if your cell (PDA) phone syncs to your work server.  If you would end up having a profile issue or a computer crash and you have never added all these entries into your address book, well you just lost a lot of information.

Let's show you how to do this.

In this tip, we will learn how to:
The steps provided are for Outlook, for home users using Outlook Express or similar products, the steps are very similar in nature.
1.Add "cached" addresses to address book.
2.Remove "bad" addresses from cached entries.
1. Adding cached entries to our address book (Contacts)

Start a new email.

2. We'll assume for this lesson that we have LOTS of emails and we need to basically run through the alphabet A-Z and save these addresses so start with typing a simple "A".  If nothing shows up, then backspace and then type "B", continue until a name or list of names show up.

3. Select one of the names, this will add it to the email as if you were going to email them.

4. Now right click the address listed and from the pop-up displayed, select "Add to Outlook Contacts".

5. Now a new screen will appear with this contacts information.

From here you can add more information if you should have it. 

Of course you can go back and enter more information when it becomes available.

6. After you have filled out all the information that you want, simply click the "Save & Close" button.

7. You can always manually enter contacts by selecting "Contacts" from the left hand selection of Outlook.

8.  Now how do we use all these contacts once they are added?


Start a new email, and click the "To:" button.

Find "Contacts" and now all your personal contacts will now show.

Notice that in ours, we show a Company Contacts list.  This is a feature in Microsoft Exchange in which a company wide address book can be enabled for all your employees to use.  Give us a call if you would like help enabling this feature.


9. Deleting Cached Entries.

Have you run into someone changing their email address?  Of course every time you type their name, the bad address shows. 

Simple, let's delete that bad address!

Just as before, start a new email and type in a name however do not press enter.

Highlight the entree that you want removed and press delete on your keyboard.  You will see the shown entree disappear instantly.

If you use Exchange Webmail, multiple computers or have your Cell Phone synced, these contacts become instantly available for all these devices.

If your cell phone breaks and you get a new one, this method allows a full backup of all those addresses (and phone numbers too).

   Keyboard tip of the month

nstead of $0.39  type 39 cents using  ctrl+ /  and then a lower case c. 

The result becomes

NOTE: These keyboard shortcuts only work in Outlook if Word is enabled as the editor.

Our keyboard tip this month comes from Christopher Worrick of Morsches Lumber/Builders Mart.  Columbia City, Huntington, Goshen, Wabash and Warsaw.

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