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June 2010
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- Disasters, are you prepared?

-More Windows 7 Tips

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See Ready.gov for disaster planning tips.  It could be a life saver!





Windows 7
Keyboard Short Cuts

Need to take a quick look at your desktop but don't want to minimize or close any open windows?

Hold down the Windows key key tap the space bar.  As long as you hold the Windows key, all open windows will disappear allowing you to take a look at the desktop.


Have a desire for a function but not sure if there is a shortcut? Email us and we'll research it.  If we find it would be very valuable to our readers, we'll publish it with your name.

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If this was your office, would you be prepared?

The Boy Scouts have an awesome motto "Be Prepared", as they teach fellow scouts to always be prepared for any situation.  Most of us "think" this but most never practice this as there is always an excuse, kind of like why most never make it to the gym.

Disasters come in many forms and sizes and rarely affect most however when they do happen, hold on to your hat.  We preach so much about disaster recovery that most might get tired of hearing about it, however we thought we would bring to you a recent disaster that could have been much worse had plans not been in place.

Recently heavy storms touched our area of Indiana, and brought many thunderstorms which included heavy rains and flash floods with them.  One of these storms brought a whopping 4.7 inches of rain in less than one hour, totally overpowering the storm water/sewer systems and flooding many businesses in the area.  One of these businesses was yours truly, which ended up with a foot and a half of storm water/sewage in our lower level.  Luckily we were able to get everything that was "important" out of the flooding area before the water was too high.

We have a contingency plan that outlines what the next steps would be for our office to continue operations.  Luckily our office was only off-line for about two hours, however should things been worse, we had multiple plans already in place to allow us continuing operations.  Also because of our HTG peer partnerships, phones and support could of been rerouted in minutes to help us continue operations.  (It's good to have great friends and partnerships!)

Stop and think for a moment.  If your business (or h in a disaster, do you have working plans in place to keep business going (or live)?  

1. Is your data backed up and held externally from your main location? If your using USB hard drives or thumb drives, do you have multiple copies? Backups are no good if you can't recover data from them.

2. Do you have a contingency plan in case a disaster kept you from continuing business operations?  How will you continue to operate?  Can you start operations from a temporary location?  Can you gain access to your email?  What is the minimum access that you need to continue operations.

3. If you have a plan, is it public knowledge to managers or key employees? A plan is no good if it's not readily available for action.

4. For home, do you have a meeting plan to where all members of the family know where to meet after something happens? Making sure everyone is ok is a stress reliever.

Is your brain hurting yet?  Better now than after a disaster!  There are many resources available for disaster planning.  Ready.gov which is sponsored by the US Government has some good quick basic plans to help get you started.  Of course we are more than happy to sit down and discuss your current plan or help you get one in the works.

Remember, some plans are better than NO plans.  Be safe, be prepared.

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