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June 2009

Computers - Just about everyone uses a computer each day, but do you really use it?

Most of us only scratch the surface of it's abilities. Within each issue of our newsletters, we will show you how to use some of the programs that you possibly already use daily, with tips to your advantage and just maybe make you smile.

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   Product Tip of the Month

 -------- Clean the Screen --------

Cleaning the TV, or older type monitor in the past was really easy, grab the Windex bottle and some paper towel and clean away.  Today this isn't the case anymore.

In this issue we will show the best practices for cleaning your monitors.

1. CRT Monitors These big clunky monitors have a glass front, so cleaning is very easy.  Windex or similar glass cleaning products can be used with standard paper towel.  Of course, turn the power off the device before cleaning and never spray directly on the glass; spray on your cleaning towel and then clean.
2. LCD Monitors LCD monitors, also known as flat panel monitors present a whole new challenge. These screens are softer and require more tender care.

Here are the quick DO NOT DO or USE tips:

> Windex                 > Ammonia or Ammonia based cleaners
> Strong Cleaners     > Paper Towels
> Old rags                > Tissue Paper
> Tap Water             > Alcohol based cleaners

Here is why!

Ammonia and similar based cleaners can cause the surface to yellow and become brittle.

Paper towel is actually a wood based product and can scratch the surface.  Tissue paper which is softer will actually break down and leave little pieces all over the screen.

Tap water will leave streaks and water marks.

  Here is the correct way to clean your monitor:

Use a soft dry cotton cloth to

Spray this solution on a soft clean rag, lint-free microfiber cloth or something similar. Of course, turn off the device before cleaning and never spray directly onto the device.  Spiked hair designs should only be performed by a licenses hair stylist, not from electrical surges from dripping fluids. 

Apply a minimal amount of pressure (only enough pressure to keep the cloth in contact with the screen) and wipe in a circular movement.

It would be a best practice to dedicate a special cleaning cloth for this cleaning job.  A good suggestion is to use an old white cotton T-Shirt, hole less would be best or course.

Now one would now say, wow this is a lot of work just to get the right things in hand to do a quick cleaning job.  Isn't there a better and easier way?

YES there is. 

There are commercial cleaning products made just for this task.  Usually they come in two different forms, single package cleaning wipes and larger containers that hold a larger roll similar baby wipes.  These are the best choices for your cleaning task as they have the suggested amount of cleaning solution applied already and use the correct type of cloth that is suggested.

Remember that this also applies to the newer TV devices used in your office and home!  LCD Monitors, Plasma and any other LCD TV's applies.

 * Tips & Warnings   Never spay ANY solution directly onto your screen!  The edges of LCD and Plasma screens have electrical connections on them, solutions that drip or run down into these areas can short out the device.  For the older tube devices we don't need to tell you about the high voltage running inside those things do we?  (The spiked hair warning applies here again too)

  Tissues, napkins, and other paper products will leave flakes of paper on your monitor.  It's better not to even try using them.  The can contain wood fibers and may even scratch polished surfaces.

  Never use tap water unless you want white spots showing on your display.

  If you're a photographer, you can use your lint-free lens wipes instead of a soft cotton cloth.

  If you have lens cleaner for eyeglasses, check the back to see if it contains "Isopropanol", if it does don't use it on your LCD monitor.

   Keyboard tip of the month
You were working on that important document and made a big mistake, now what?  Start over and retype the whole thing or would you like to back up to where you messed up?


This keyboard shortcut should work in most windows programs.  If you make a mistake, just hit CTRL and Z and this will undo whatever it was that you just did.  Most programs will let you backup one or two times.

Worse case if you really mess up?  Close out the document but DO NOT SAVE.  This will let you reopen the document and revert back to the beginning before your changes.


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