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January 2010
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-Using "Out of Office" in Outlook

-Reducing Static in your area

-Short Cuts of the Month

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It's that time of the year again,  ----ZAP----


While we all have fun dragging our feet along the carpet and zapping someone with the static discharge, your electronic equipment likes this MUCH less than the person receiving your prankster zap.

There are many ways to combat this, the two easiest is to install a humidifier system or use an antistatic spray.  The humidification system is the best however may not fit your situation.  The second method is simple, inexpensive and just might make your office "Smell" nicer.

This tip comes from newspaper column writer "Heloise".  Her website is www.heloise.com where you can find more helpful tips.

We have been recommending this hot little tip for sometime now and getting shocked the other day prompted us to get out this trade tip.

For this tip we will need:
1 spray bottle
1 part fabric softener
8 parts water


Combine this into the spray bottle, shake and spray along the carpet area.  Let dry overnight.  This will leave your carpet area static free for weeks to come!

As always, you should test an area of your carpet for discoloration before performing this on your entire area.

 Tip of the month - Out of the Office

All work and no play just isn't fun.  In times of being out of the office, whether for a conference, sales call or vacation, we need to give messages to people letting them know we are not in.  Since email is widely used today, we can use the "Out of Office" function in Outlook to do this.

There are two ways to enable the "Out of Office" feature.

1. Using Outlook Desktop.  (From a computer)
2. Using Outlook Web Access.  (When you have already left and forgot!)

Option 1: From the desktop
In Outlook, go to the Tools menu and select Out of Office Assistant from the drop down menu.


Here you have the ability to enable or disable the "Out of Office" feature.
Enable the Out of Office, type in your reply message then click OK. 

The auto reply will be issued even though your computer is turned off. Your auto reply is sent only once to each sender, even if you receive multiple messages from that person.

Turning Off the Out of Office Assistant
When you return to work and launch Outlook, you will see an alert box reminding you that the Out of Office Assistant is on and giving you the option to turn it off. You may click Yes in the alert box, as shown below,

alert box

or return to the Tools menu, select Out of Office Assistant, and check the button, "I am currently In the Office."

Option 2: Through Outlook Web Access
You also can activate the Out of Office Assistant through Outlook Web Access (OWA). This is a great tool if you must take an unplanned absence from the office. If you use a Mac, you must always use OWA, since Entourage for the Mac does not offer an auto reply function.

Once your logged into OWA, you will find at the bottom of the left hand navigation pane, the Options Tab.  Click this tab, then enable (or disable) the Out of Office feature just like in Outlook.



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Keyboard Short Cuts
"Display Zoom"


This is a Windows 7 shortcut.
Selecting the Windows Key and either minus or plus, you will quickly zoom in your display. Useful for that fine print! 

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