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February 2010
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-Snap in Windows 7


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Disasters, are you ready?

We hear it everywhere, are you covered, are you ready, do you have coverage, have you put together a plan, and the list goes on......

Well have you?  Seriously......

Disasters can strike at any moments notice, affecting you personally, in business and family.  If planning steps are put in place then disasters can be less painful.  Most of us feel it will never happen to us but the reality it, sooner or later Murphy (Murphy's Law) will get jealous that your enjoying life and will interject a little madness into it.

FEMA has a decent website which can help you plan for some undesirable situations.  Check it out at www.ready.gov as it has information for your business and home.

 Tip of the month - Blue Collar Dual Monitor

Our original thoughts were to call this "Red Neck Dual Monitor" but we thought we might offend someone, but everyone pretty much knows that Jeff Foxworthy and the Blue Collar Comedy Tour = Red Neck.  What would a newsletter be if it wasn't interesting to read?

With Windows 7 making it's way into the main stream we thought we would give out some Windows 7 tips and tricks.  This month, we will show you how to get the equivalent of a dual monitor even though you have one monitor. (This is where we came up with the cheap = red neck)

Otherwise known as "Snap", you can arrange widows side by side which can be especially helpful when comparing two documents or when moving files from one place to another.  (Snap might not work on programs that have custom window behaviors)


For those that like keyboard shortcuts, Click on the Title bar of App #1, then use one of the keyboard combos below.
+ Moves the App to the right side of the screen
+ Moves the App to the Left side of the screen

Granted the screen size isn't any bigger, but you can now see two applications, side by side just like if you had two monitors.  Might come in handy if your used to dual monitors in the office and work a little at home on a laptop, even though it's just not quite the same it could be useful!

What would you like to see in a future issue?

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Windows 7 Tips

Some know this as the "Boss Key" others as the "Show Desktop".  Located at the far right hand side, by the clock is a vertical rectangle.  By clicking on this, all open applications will minimize allowing you to see the desktop instantly. 

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