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April 2010
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- Malware on the rise

- Online Security

-More Windows 7 Tips

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Windows 7
Keyboard Short Cuts

Ever wondered if a file was on your desktop but didn't want to minimize every window?  Using this keystroke, the windows will become invisible allowing you to see the desktop. Hold the Windows Key, then tap the Space Bar.  Release the Windows key to return back to your work.


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 Malware - There's an App for that

Malware On The Rise*

Interested in credit card theft?  There's an app for that.  Imagine a world where you could write your own app that could steal information from others. Instead of you being the one that keeps getting infected, you could be from the "Dark Side." 

Well you're correct, this is now possible.  Malware as a service is a reality and it's wild on the Internet.  Since we don't condone illegal activities, we won't publish the names of this specialized software but will say that this software is designed to allow non programmers the ability to make such apps.  Not only are some of the software offering money-back guarantee, they even have a special website that once a program is made, it's submitted and checked against over 20 different antivirus programs to see if the app is detected.  If it is, they make tweaks and submit again until it's undetectable.

The information given shows that most of these apps are being used against the government and larger companies, but it doesn't mean that you personally or your company couldn't be targeted in the future. A recent study by the University of Toronto, Canada showed an attack that started in February with a series of emails sent to senior officials in the US military, the FAA and other government agencies with the email acting as it had links to vital security information.  In reality, clicking on the links resulting in Malware built with the use of some of this new software, being installed on these users machines.  81 machines were compromised, 1533 documents from the compromised machines ere identified on a computer in Belarus.

Many users will say, "Well that won't happen to a Mac user".  Never say never as Mac usage is on the rise in the consumer sector.  Hackers will typically only spend their time writing code that will affect the biggest section of users. 

Does your company have an Internet usage policy in place?  Is your company running under very relaxed security because it's painful with security in place? End users typically don't need access rights to install software and if they do, you should know and control what is.  Unlimited rights allow unproductive software along with the possibility of viruses and Malware. 

Security doesn't have to be painful but without it, the possibility of internal Malware breaches are very plentiful.


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 *Article information - NewScientist March 20-26, 2010

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