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Please feel free to distribute this to your employees unless you want them arranging all service requests through yourself.

Ever had problems finding contact information when you need it?  We all lose things, it's a fact of life.  That's why we are sending this email which you can save or print for future reference.  We will also send these out quarterly with any new updates or changes.

Contact us by email
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Contact us by phone
Columbia City 260.213.4266
Fort Wayne 260.440.7737
Toll Free 866.369.1970
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1 - Help Desk
2 - Sales
9 - Emergency*  (Emergency Rates Apply)
Contact us by fax
All areas 260.244.4450

Getting the most from our Help Desk:

1. Please resist the temptation to contact our support engineers directly for support. All of our systems and processes are designed to allow our entire team to respond when you need help. If you call or email one of us directly there’s no telling what might happen!  Our staff members are also not allowed to give out cell phone numbers, our phone system is designed to handle this.

2. Use descriptive titles for your request in the summary field (when using the client portal) or in the subject line (when emailing the helpdesk). This helps us better manage and prioritize your support requests. Here are a couple examples of good support request titles:

  · Unable to Print
  · Need assistance installing a QuickBooks update

Avoid creating multiple requests for the same issue.  Each time you send a new message to, a request is opened in our support system.  To update or add information for a current trouble ticket, simply reply to the original email that our system sent you.

Take a moment to let us know how we're doing. When a trouble ticket is closed, you will receive a closing email advising of what we did to resolve your help request.  This email will also include a link to a very short survey.  Please take a moment to complete this as your feedback is very helpful to us as we continually look for ways to improve the services we provide you.

Tips and Tricks:

Are you getting our tips and tricks newsletter?  We post all prior editions of the newsletter on our website.  To get on the list, just click here and we'll get you signed up.  Have an idea to share?  Email it to us and we'll include it in the newsletter!

Your Preferred IT Group Support Team

*Emergency - Emergency support is available for all, however because we place you in the front of all other support cases, we reserve the right to charge an emergency fee.  We define emergency as a situation to where the "#0068B3" height="70">

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