Life without the Internet?

  Over the past 24 hours, many of our clients were faced with a "Internet Less" office.  For some offices this meant the loss of Internet radio, Google surfing, and email.  For other offices, it meant a loss of production or a complete stop of work.  Why?

A major phone company in our area had an issue that caused ISP outages.  This was just about anyone that was connected via a DSL line in a multi-county area.  Is there a solution?  Yes.  Is it for your office?  Depends.

When does it make sense to use a secondary feed?  

Your business applications such as a CRM or specialty application are "Hosted" by another provider which does this through the Internet.

Your business has multiple offices that connect to each other through a VPN tunnel through the Internet.

Your business uses the Internet to receive orders for Manufacturing.

Your business uses VOIP or Email for it's daily activities.

The next question to answer is, how long can your business run without an Internet connection?  How long can you survive before it affects $$$.

Multiple ISP connections these days are available even if you are in the country area.  Speed requirements being the biggest factors, another factor to keep in mind is "media types".  Having two DSL carriers isn't a very good idea if both run through the same building, as in this past situation both lines would be offline.  Best practices is to have two "Different" type of carriers, where neither run the majority of their services through the same provider. 

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